Un mondo da bere We have a vast assortment of beverage products that meet the needs of bars, restaurants, pizzerias, night clubs, hotels and even private consumers every day. Doreca Store
the temple of beverage
Discover the innovative format dedicated to beverage
Doreca Exclusive Selezioniamo i migliori produttori e instauriamo con loro rapporti di partnership,
basati su qualità e fiducia, al fine di garantire un vantaggio competitivo,
rendendo l’offerta unica per il cliente.
Beverage District We're the first indipendent beverage distributor in Italy.
With more than 13,000 items, we operate throughout the country thanks to 16 warehouses, 1 distribution hub, 350 vehicles and over 400 sales agents at the service of our customers.

Doreca Beverage district

We have everything you need for your business. Every day we meet all the needs of the professional customers who rely on us by always selecting the best producers and establishing partnerships with them based on quality and trust to earn a competitive advantage and make our offerings unique.

Doreca Store

Doreca Beverage Store uses an innovative format that combines wholesale and retail to offer (private and professional) customers the widest range of wine, beer, spirits and beverages at the best price-quality ratio. 


Da oltre 30 anni al servizio
dei professionisti dell’Ho.re.ca..


Services such as kegs and empty-bottle collection are part of our focus on sustainability.


Internal couriers handle delivery

and collect empties.


Ogni giorno tantissime promozioni a tempo o a quantità.

Eventi e Formazione

Beer Life

Vino & Territorio

Incontro DiVino

Un giorno DiVino

Open Beer Day


Exclusive Contents

Working with the best beverage specialists, we produce exclusive contents packed with information about the world of beer and wine for our customers and other enthusiasts.