Il nostro approccio

Il gusto della migliore birra in oltre 500 etichette da tutto il mondo. Peroni, Leffe, Brewdog, Ceres, Chimay, Forst, Guinness e molte altre: sono tantissime le partnership che ci permettono di mettere a disposizione dei nostri clienti un assortimento senza confronto in tutta Italia.



La prima birra d’abbazia al mondo

The world’s first abbey beer. The historical record shows that in the fifth and sixth centuries, barley was cultivated on the land around Montecassino Abbey: indeed, legend has it that this barley was used to brew the first abbey beer in Europe, and likely in the entire world.
Today, 1,500 years later, that precious nectar has been reborn as a beer with an ancient flavour, the result of a centuries-old tradition. Barley is grown on the historic farmland of the Albaneta estate, where this beer is brewed.


Indian Pale Ale

Indian Pale Ale Produced using methods for unfiltered and unpasteurized beers and numbering among the best International IPAs.
Our recipe made this beer even more drinkable!